And the Winners are……………

As mentioned back in January, we are now awarding a student in each class, at the end of each term, a medal and certificate with the accolade of “Pupil of the Term”. The criteria are simple, if you show up on time and put in 100% effort, then you will be in with a shout of bagging this award.

Last week saw the end of term, so we now have our first three “Pupils of the Term” to shout about.

Up first we have…drumroll please…Roni Tobi, who was awarded the accolade by her teacher, Miss Emma. Emma has this to say about Roni; ‘Roni is super talented and is so dedicated. She arrives on time every week and puts in a full 100% from start to finish. She has a great stage presence and is an absolute angel to teach. She thoroughly deserved to win Pupil of the Term’.


Roni Tobi – Pupil of the Term with Miss Emma

Our second superstar is…Amaia Begenda, and she was given her medal and certificate by Miss Antonia. Amaia says: ‘My name is Amaia Bagenda and I am 5 years old. My favourite thing to do is dance and I practise nearly every day! I have been dancing since I was 2 and started with Antonia from Dynamic Performing Arts, who is an amazing dancer. She has taught me loads of dance moves in both ballet and street dance, which I love to show my family and friends.’


Amaia Bagenda – Pupil of the Term

And last but by no means least we have Miss Robyn’s star pupil…Olivia Rixon. She was so excited about her award and had this to say: ‘My name is Olivia Rixon and I am 5. I have been doing ballet for 2 years now with Dynamic Performing Arts. I love ballet, I love music and I love my teachers. It’s all so much fun and I love showing my family and friends all of the ballet moves I have learnt from my teacher Miss Robyn. The move I like doing the most is the Plie.’  


Olivia Rixon – Pupil of the Term

HUGE congratulations to all of our Dynamic Performing Arts “Pupil of the Term” winners – will it be you next term????

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