Time to Party -Quick, get planning!


It comes around at the same time every year, yet you still panic about what to do for that all important birthday party. Little Poppy took everyone horse riding and little Ben did paint-balling followed by dinner at a swanky restaurant. There’s a lot of pressure these days to make sure each birthday party is better than the last and the older the children get, the more expectation there is. Bring back the times when we were kids and hired a village hall with your Dad and a ghetto blaster as the sound system/DJ and pass the parcel as the highlight of the party. I also think there is a level of expectation from other parents, with a kind of “OK, show us what you’ve got” attitude, so I can understand how this could be a daunting prospect.

STOP PRESS! DON’T PANIC, you never need to worry again because Dynamic Parties is here to help and we can do as much or as little as you want.characters

If you are working to a budget then we can totally take that We can offer a very basic package, all the way up to organising everything, including invitations, thank you cards and goody bags, if you want us to take control of the whole event.

Having a Dynamic Party is a great way to keep your child and their friends entertained and you are in control of the content.  We cater for kids between the ages of 2-6 years old and can offer such themes as:

  • Princess & Pirates
  • Rainbows & Unicorns
  • Disney
  • Jungle Animals
  • Circus
  • Fairies

You’re not limited to those themes though, so if you want something a bit different we can work with you to tailor it to exactly what you want. Dynamic Parties can involve dancing, drama games, dressing up and Arts & Crafts – so there’s something for everyone.

Prices vary, depending on how much you want us to be involved, so please do get in contact to discuss the best package for you.  With Dynamic Parties you can be rest assured that we will take away all the stress of keeping your Children entertained for a few hours.


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