The Importance of After School Clubs


It’s ironic isn’t it – when we first have children we’re very keen to join as many groups as possible, in order to give our kids the chance to interact with other children of the same age, for them to be stimulated by different activities and for our own sanity, to mingle with other parents. However, as the children grow up these activities get less and less as we assume that they will get all of the stimulation and interaction with other kids at school. We all know that if you left kids to their own devices I’m sure they would just sit and watch TV or play computer games but you’re missing a trick here parents – you need to embrace the kids talents and see how far they can go.

After school clubs and weekend clubs can really enhance and encourage talent. Kids respond much better to people that aren’t their boring old everyday teachers. It also prepares them for later in life when they aren’t always answerable to the same person. Take Dynamic Performing Arts, for instance, we are all trained in performing and can clearly see those children who show real promise in the performing arts field. We can identify their strengths and if they are really passionate about continuing down this route, we can offer the best advice about how to go about it. Equally, our classes aren’t just about becoming a performer. Drama, acting, dancing and singing also encourages and develops confidence and can even give children the courage to raise their hand and answer questions in class or stand up in an assembly and talk to an audience.

There’s no doubting that offering your children the opportunity to let off steam outside the classroom can only be a positive thing. Not all kids blossom in an academic environment and so joining that art club or going to brownies or dancing and singing could really see them shine. You also find that, in most cases, it really encourages you to be a part of a team, which is a really important trait to encourage. Helping others, who have the same interests as you and are working towards the same goal, rather than just thinking about yourself is something that we should all be pushing for.

Many important life lessons are learnt in extra curricular clubs. At School there is a lot of “it’s the taking part that counts” talk but there will be times later in life when the best person for the job is picked. After school clubs can really teach you how to be gracious in defeat and how sometimes you might be as good as the next person but they are taller than you and therefore win the lead role! It’s a hard pill to swallow but surely it can only help make our children more rounded??

At Dynamic Performing Arts we really do encourage all children to try their best, take part, get involved and most importantly have fun. But we also tackle some of these harder subjects through work-shopping and explanation in to why we cast productions the way we do or why that child was picked for the role. We are also very good at giving everyone the opportunity to have their moment to shine. We take chances and perhaps encourage those who aren’t as forthcoming to have a go at something different, whilst giving them the tools to do so.

Why not come and try out one of our classes for free to see if this is something you’d like to pursue or if you think your son/daughter could do with a little nudge then come and observe a class and see how much fun we all have. There are many classes around the Worplesdon, Burpham and Farnham area and we’re confident that you’ll have a brilliant time!

If you’d like more information then head over to the Dynamic Performing Arts page and hit “Contact”.

Antonia x

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